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Two datasets of migrating laboratory dunes (Terwisscha van Scheltinga et al., in revision)

Details of the experiments are presented in "Sediment Transport on a Sand Bed with Dunes: Deformation and Translation Fluxes" by
R.C. Terwisscha van Scheltinga, G. Coco, M.G. Kleinhans, H. Friedrich.

This repository contains:
- A time lapse of Figure 4 in the main article
- 46 Digital elevation models (DEMs) of experiment FR05 (FR201901_S01 to FR201901_S46)
- 24 DEMs of experiment FR06 (FR201902_S01 to FR201902_S24)
- zip-folder with figures showing the water surface elevation along the middle transect for each DEM.
water surface elevation (blue, x)
middle transect of the dune bed (black, thick line)

The matlab file containing the two datasets with x,y,z information, the fluxes, DoD correction factors, a.o.. is available for interested parties upon contacting the corresponding author.



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