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Supplementary Figure 1- Peritoneal retention following OSCM HSG and iodine excess

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Urine iodine concentrations among women in the SELFI study stratified by the estimated peritoneal retention based on delayed radiographs. A) Urine iodine concentrations at baseline and at 1, 4, 12, and 24 weeks after oil-soluble contrast medium (OSCM) hysterosalpingography (HSG); B) Urine iodine time-weighted area under the curve (TwAUC) between baseline and 24 weeks after OSCM HSG


Data at each time-point are means ± standard deviations. ****p<0.0001 for pairwise comparisons to baseline derived from paired t-tests. Horizontal red dashed line represents the upper UIC threshold for iodine excess (≥300 µg/L).


Reasearch Grant to Liggins institute, University of Auckland



University of Auckland

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