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PCA Scatterplot of Parents' Utterance Styles for Each Interactional Task across Digital Conditions

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posted on 2023-07-07, 04:20 authored by Wan-Ting YehWan-Ting Yeh, Annette HendersonAnnette Henderson

Data points represent parents’ utterance styles based on parts of speech (POS) proportions. 'X' markers denote centres for each task and condition, while dashed circles indicate data spread. Purple corresponds to Blocks A in CV, pink to Block A in DG, blue to Blocks B in CV, red to Blocks B in DG, green to Blicket in CV, and orange to Blicket in DG. (CV = co-view with a shared tablet; DG = video chat; Blocks A = unstructured block play; Blocks B = structured cooperative block play with a tower-building goal; Blicket = structured interaction where parents were instructed to teach infants a novel noun). 



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