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Mutual Influence of Parent-Infant Vocalisations in Digital Contexts

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posted on 2023-07-07, 03:05 authored by Wan-Ting YehWan-Ting Yeh, Annette HendersonAnnette Henderson

The solid lines depict the influence of parents' verbal output on infants' verbal outcomes in both digital conditions (FF = face-to-face with a shared tablet; VC = video chat), with the orange line indicating relationships found in both conditions and the green line showing relationships found only in the video chat condition (predictor: parents; outcome: infants). The gray dashed line illustrates the influence of infants' vocalisations on parents' speech (predictor: infants; outcome: parents).  The size of the boxes and the width of the lines reflect the weights of their respective influences.  The characters used in this figure were created by Freepik, licensed under CC by 4.0. 



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