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Mammalian inner ear schematic

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posted on 2018-03-15, 21:46 authored by M Fabiana KubkeM Fabiana Kubke, Srdjan VlajkovicSrdjan Vlajkovic

Schematic organization of the inner ear of mouse (A) and organ of Corti of mouse (A), gerbil (B), rat (C) and mole rat (E: basal end, F: apical end). DC: Deiters cells; HC: Hensen’s cells; IHC: inner hair cells; ISC: inner sulcus cells; OC: organ of Corti; OHC: outer hair cells, OtC: otic capsule; Rm: Reissner’s membrane; SG: spiral ganglion; SL: spiral ligament; SM: scala media; ST: scala timpani; StV: stria vascularis; SV: scala vestibuli; TC: tunnel of Corti; Tm: tectorial membrane; ZA: arcuate zone of basilar membrane; ZP: pectinate zone of basilar membrane.

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