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Mammalian inner ear schematic

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posted on 15.03.2018, 21:46 by M Fabiana Kubke, Srdjan Vlajkovic

Schematic organization of the inner ear of mouse (A) and organ of Corti of mouse (A), gerbil (B), rat (C) and mole rat (E: basal end, F: apical end). DC: Deiters cells; HC: Hensen’s cells; IHC: inner hair cells; ISC: inner sulcus cells; OC: organ of Corti; OHC: outer hair cells, OtC: otic capsule; Rm: Reissner’s membrane; SG: spiral ganglion; SL: spiral ligament; SM: scala media; ST: scala timpani; StV: stria vascularis; SV: scala vestibuli; TC: tunnel of Corti; Tm: tectorial membrane; ZA: arcuate zone of basilar membrane; ZP: pectinate zone of basilar membrane.

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