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High-Pressure Laser Ultrasonics Wave Field Data of Anisotropic Alpine Fault Samples

posted on 2019-03-13, 08:26 authored by Jonathan SimpsonJonathan Simpson
The figures and animations presented here show the full wave fields recorded with the high-pressure laser ultrasonics methodology presented in the MSc thesis entitled "Non-contact measurements to estimate the elastic properties of rocks under in situ conditions" by Jonathan Simpson (2019). Data were recorded on four rock samples from the Alpine Fault in New Zealand (a schist, protomylonite, mylonite, and cataclasite). These figures plot the ultrasonic waveforms as a function of angle around the cylindrical rock samples at nine different confining pressures. The MSc thesis details the methodology used to acquire this data and the interpretation of the results.

Black fill indicates positive polarity of the waveforms, and the red line shows the arrival time of the primary wave, or P-wave.



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