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posted on 2022-11-08, 00:00 authored by Giovanni CocoGiovanni Coco, Paula Gomes


This database comprises wave, beach and runup parameters measured on different beaches around the world. It is a compilation of data published in previous works, with the aim of making all data available in one single repository.

More information about methods of data acquisition and data processing can be found in the original papers that describe each experiment. To know how to cite each of the dataset provided here, please check section 3. Please make sure to cite the appropriate publication when using the data. Collecting the data is hard work and needs to be acknowledged.

1. Files content:

All data files contain the same structure: Column 1 – R2%: 2-percent exceedance value for runup [m]; Column 2 – Set: setup [m]; Column 3 – Stt: total swash excursion [m]; Column 4 – Sinc: incident swash [m]; Column 5 – Sig: infragravity swash [m]; Column 6 – Hs*: significant deep-water wave height [m]; Column 7 – Tp: peak wave period [s]; Column 8 – tanβ: foreshore beach slope; Column 9 – D50**: Median sediment size [mm]

NaN values may be found when the data were not available in the original dataset.

*Hs values from field measurements were deshoaled from the depth of measurement to a depth equals to 80m, assuming normal approach and linear theory (we followed the approach presented in Stockdon et al., where great care is paid to make the data comparable).

**D50 values were obtained from reports and papers describing the beaches.

2. List of datasets

Stockdon et al. 2006: Data recompiled from 10 experiments carried out in 6 beaches (US and NL coasts). Files’ names correspond to the beach and year of the experiments: Original data: available using the link

Senechal et al. 2011: This dataset comprises the measurements carried out in Truc Vert beach, France. The file’s name includes the name of the beach and the year of the experiment. Original data: a table with the full content of the parameters measured during the experiment can be found in Senechal et al. (2011).

Guedes et al. 2011: This dataset comprehends data measured at Tairua beach (New Zeland coast). The file’s name indicates the name of the beach and the year of the experiment. Original data: this web.

Guedes et al. 2013: This dataset comprehends data measured at Ngarunui beach (Raglan - New Zeland coast). The file’s name represents the name of the beach and the year of the experiment. Original data: this web.

Gomes da Silva et al. 2018: Dataset measured during two field campaigns in Somo beach, Spain, in 2016 and 2017. The files names represent that name of the beach and the year of the experiment. Original data:

Power et al. 2019: Dataset compiled from previous works, comprising field and laboratory measurements: Poate et al. (2016): field; Nicolae-Lerma et al. (2016): field; Atkinson et al. (2017): field; Mase (1989): Laboratory; Baldock and Huntley (2002): Laboratory; Howe (2016): Laboratory; Original


Due to the character limit of this description, please refer to the for the references list.



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