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Precarious Work in Academia Survey 2021

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posted on 2022-02-27, 08:23 authored by Luke OldfieldLuke Oldfield, Aimee SimpsonAimee Simpson, Sereana NaepiSereana Naepi, Ritu Parna RoyRitu Parna Roy, Apriel D. Jolliffe Simpson, Leon A. Salter, Lucy C. Stewart, Max Soar, Lara GreavesLara Greaves, Ellen Dixon
2021 Precarious Work in Academia Survey (PAWS) dataset.

This is a numerical data set only.

Open-text data from PAWS is under embargo until 30/09/2022.

All users of the PAWS dataset agree to the Terms of Use found in the zip file.



University of Auckland

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