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Top 10 Lexical Information of Parts of Speech across Interactional Tasks and Digital Environments

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posted on 2023-07-07, 04:54 authored by Wan-Ting YehWan-Ting Yeh, Annette HendersonAnnette Henderson

These tables depict the word choice categorised by parts of speech by the parents across two digital conditions (co-view and video chat) across three interactional tasks ( Blocks A = unstructured block play; Blocks B = structured cooperative block play with tower-building goal; Blicket = structured interaction for teaching infants a novel noun). To facilitate comparisons across different tasks and conditions, we combined the tokens as follows: “target-object” referred to any block in the Blocks tasks (e.g., “cat block,” “snake block,” “alphabet block”) and the learning object in the Blicket tasks (e.g., “Blicket”); “screen-device” referred to any digital device used by the dyads (e.g., “tablet,” “computer,” “iPad”); "parent" referred to both father and mother; “infant-gender” referred to both girls and boys; “Childname” referred to the name of the child;  “colour_adj” referred to any colours mentioned in the tasks, including red, orange, purple, blue, green, yellow, etc.




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