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The Nutritrack Database: An annually updated database of information on packaged foods and beverages sold at major supermarkets in New Zealand (2013 to 2023)

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Overview: Nutritrack is a database of annually updated information on packaged foods and beverages sold at major supermarkets in New Zealand.

Data collection methods: Annual, systematic surveys were undertaken by trained fieldworkers in four supermarket stores in the Auckland region at the same time each year, enabling tracking of labelling, ingredients, and nutrient composition of New Zealand packaged food and beverage products over time, for the years 2013 to 2023 (inclusive).

Data quality: Quality checks were undertaken on a random 15% sample of products where data entered in all product fields were compared with source photographs for accuracy. Reports were also run across all products to identify outlier values, ensure complete and correct nutrient data, and maximise consistency of the categorisation of products over time. Data accuracy across critical fields was monitored during and after data collection each year to maximise the accuracy of data collection and entry, and are available in the summary attachment.

Data ownership and access: The Nutritrack database is owned and managed by The University of Auckland. The methods may be published if cited appropriately. Access to the data for external research collaborators has now closed. Access to the data for internal collaborators may be available - please contact the principal investigator with inquiries.

Further information: Further information on data collection methods and database features is available as an attachment. A sample of the data is also available as an attachment.


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