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Supplementary data 1. Significant eQTL-gene contacts identified within LGRN, Ensembl gene annotations, and LOEUF analysis results

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posted on 2021-11-27, 09:22 authored by Sreemol GokuladhasSreemol Gokuladhas
The liver gene regulatory network (LGRN) we constructed consisted of 327,145 eQTLs and 8097 genes with 468,560 distinct spatially constrained eQTL-target gene interactions. The majority of the eQTLs (92% with single target genes, and 95% with multiple target genes) acted via cis regulatory interactions. Within the LGRN, 77% of the eQTL target genes are protein coding. Moreover, the genes that were targeted by trans-eQTLs are more likely to be intolerant to loss-of-function mutations.



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