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Supplemental information for Sander et al., Transcriptional profiling of the zebrafish proximal tubule

posted on 2019-06-11, 23:48 authored by Veronika SanderVeronika Sander

The hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 beta (Hnf1b) transcription factor is a key regulator of kidney tubule formation and is associated with a syndrome of renal cysts and early onset diabetes. To further our understanding of Hnf1b in the developing zebrafish kidney, we have performed RNA-Seq of proximal tubules from hnf1b-deficient larvae. This analysis revealed an enrichment of gene transcripts encoding transporters of the solute carrier (SLC) superfamily, including multiple members of the slc2 and slc5 glucose transporters. An investigation of the expression of slc2a1a, slc2a2, slc5a2, as well as a poorly studied glucose/mannose transporter encoded by slc5a9, revealed that these genes undergo dynamic spatiotemporal changes during tubule formation and maturation. A comparative analysis of zebrafish SLC genes with those expressed in mouse proximal tubules showed a substantial overlap at the level of gene families, indicating a high degree of functional conservation between zebrafish and mammalian proximal tubules. Taken together, our findings are consistent with a role for Hnf1b as a critical determinant of proximal tubule transport function by acting upstream of a large number of SLC genes and validate the zebrafish as a physiologically relevant model of the mammalian proximal tubule.



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