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Sediment particle velocity and activity during dune migration by Terwisscha van Scheltinga et al. (2021)

The data being presented here is described and analyzed in:

Terwisscha van Scheltinga, R. C., Coco, G., & Friedrich, H. (2021). Sediment particle velocity and activity during dune migration. Water Resources Research, 57, e2020WR029017. https://

1. The article is based on image files recording sediment motion over a submerged bed. Video files summarize the data, and video files of six experimental conditions are available here, with details of the experiment in Table 1 in the paper.
- FR031810_L0649 (plane bed)
- FR041810_L0649 (plane bed)
- FR051515_L0949 (dune bed)
- FR051515_L1251 (dune bed)
- FR061515_L1649 (dune bed)
- FR071515_L1749 (dune bed)

The images over dune beds cover different locations and the camera is moved between recordings. Image numbers are given in the top left.

In the tables in the Excel file the image numbers for each location and experiment presented are given:

2. The images used for Figure 3 are given in:
- fig_3f

3. The processed data used for figure 5 is organized in rows per experiment in the following file:
Upx refers the time-averaged particle velocity, Vp is the time-averaged particle activity. Experiment names are according to Table 1 in the paper.



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