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Risk weight masks - Appendix B4 of PhD Thesis - Tracing marine biosecurity risks using multi-region input-output analysis

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posted on 2022-11-09, 05:33 authored by Mimi TzengMimi Tzeng

The finalised input parameters developed in this thesis include six risk weight masks formatted to fit a MR-SUT T matrix for 67 trade groups trading 39 commodity categories. Each risk weight mask is a 5,226 x 5,226 matrix. One was for risks associated with individual trade groups and is based on the number and size of ports in each trade group. Two were for risks associated with commodities, one based on a simple average of vessel types per commodity category, and the other based on maximum risk among all vessel types per commodity category. Three were for trade group pairs, including individual masks for environmental similarity risk, voyage duration risk, and voyage path risk (see Appendix B3 - DOI: 10.17608/k6.auckland.20523990). 

The dataset also includes the two input matrices for generating the MR-SUT, one for the 67 trade groups and one for the 39 commodity categories.



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