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Rat uterus meshes

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posted on 2023-10-26, 23:04 authored by Mathias RoeslerMathias Roesler

Rat uterus meshes

General information

This item contains surface and volumetric meshes of the rat uterus. They were generated from the muscle segmentation of uCT images. The rat was in the oestrus phase of its cycle.


  • The AWA015_PTA_1_Rec_Trans_surface_mesh.stl and AWA015_PTA_1_Rec_Trans_surface_mesh.vtk meshes are exported directly from ITK-SNAP (
  • The AWA015_PTA_1_Rec_Trans_surface_mesh.stl mesh was edited in Meshmixer 3.5.474 (Autodesk, Inc.) to correct issues in the surface mesh to generate a volumetric mesh. The exported file is AWA015_PTA_1_Rec_Trans_surface_mesh_fixed.stl.
  • The AWA015_PTA_1_Rec_Trans_volumetric_mesh.vtk was generated with Netgen ( from the fixed surface mesh.
  • The AWA015_PTA_1_Rec_Trans_volumetric_mesh_annotated.vtk is annotated with the thickness information obtained from the segmentation masks.


The .vtk files can be viewed with software such as Paraview ( The .exnode and .exelem files exist for the original surface mesh exported from ITK-SNAP and the annotated volumetric mesh to be visualised in cmgui.


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