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Platypus PacBio assembly

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posted on 2021-04-27, 22:22 authored by Emma MacdonaldEmma Macdonald
Files containing PacBio reads selected by BLAST to generate assembly of a complete rDNA (Platypus_rDNA_assembly_reads.fasta.gz), annotated assembly contig (Platypus_sequence_selection_assembly_annotated_contig_3.geneious), annotated complete assembly (Platypus_complete_rDNA_Sequence_Selection_Assembly.geneious) and partial units (Platypus_Sequence_assembly_partial_sequences.geneious).

Alignment of the complete contig rDNA unit to a reference gene (GL000220; see Agrawal & Ganley, 2018): (align_platypus_complete_rDNA_unit_seqsel_assembly_with_ref.geneious)

Alignment of the complete rDNA unit to a reference gene (Floutsokou et al 2013): (align_platypus_complete_rDNA_unit_seqsel_assembly_with_ref.geneious)

Alignment of the partial (28S) rDNA unit to complete rDNA unit from the assembly:
(Platypus_partial_rDNA_unit_aligned_with_full_rDNA_unit. genious)

Alignments of probable rRNA genes to assembled rRNA genes (alignments_of_probable_platrDNA_with_plat_seqsel_assembly_genes.geneious).
Probable 18S rRNA: GenBank accession AJ311679.1
Probable 5.8S rRNA: GenBank accession XR_003764684



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