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Morphometric data of Onithochiton neglectus populations from across New Zealand

posted on 2020-09-13, 00:33 authored by Priscila SalloumPriscila Salloum

Chain code, normalized Elliptic Fourier descriptors, PCA scores, and measurements of valve area (size) for the fourth, head, and tail valves (all samples used in the geometric morphometrics analyses of the paper ‘Hitchhiking consequences for genetic and morphological patterns: the influence of kelp rafting on a brooding chiton’)

DESCRIPTION OF FILES (uploaded separately for each of the valves):

- chaincode.txt = chain code used by software SHAPE (Iwata & Ukai, 2002) to record the outline of the structure;

- chc2nef_out.nef.txt = normalized Elliptic Fourier Descriptors;

- pca_scores = the PCA scores after Principal Component Analysis, considered quantitative traits;

- size_measures = valve area measurements (approximation for size)


This research was supported by the School of Biological Sciences of the University of Auckland, a Systematic Research Fund award from both the Linnean Society of London and the Systematics Association.



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