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Mergen corpus

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posted on 2021-01-28, 10:55 authored by Aidan WinberryAidan Winberry
People involved
This corpus was created by Aidan Winberry in 2020 from a recording of Raisa Alekseevna Beldy reading
the text of a Nanai fairy-tale ”Mergen ningman”. The recording was made by Vasily Kharitonov.
Annotation scheme
The information about Nanai phonemes is taken from (Ko & Yurn, 2011).
Coding scheme
The sounds and phonemes are represented by their IPA symbols in Unicode.
The text of the fairy-tale is provided in Cyrilic Nanai orthography. Nanai writing system is nearly phonemic so a Latin transcription layer would simply copy the phonemic tier in IPA.
In several segments the sound is corrupted by background music; in this case the annotation on phonemic and phonetic level is omitted.
Annotation quality
Annotations were made without consulting with the dictionaries. All phonemes and allophonic variants
are marked aurally.
Diphthongs are not thoroughly marked.
The “Words” tier follows the text of the fairy-tale while the “Phonemes” and “Sounds” tiers represent
what is actually being said instead. Several utterances end with an ellipsis which marks correcting slips
of tongue.



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