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Laser ultrasonics data for Alpine Fault ultramylonite

posted on 2020-02-03, 22:12 authored by Jonathan SimpsonJonathan Simpson
This item contains the raw waveform data for an ultramylonite sample, umv2. Each .npy file contains all the experimental data, including the waveforms (of the trigger channel and data channel) and the angular positions of the rotation stage. Confining pressures for these experiments ranged from 1MPa to 16MPa, as stated in the filename. The data can be opened using the Python NumPy library.

Also included are csv files which contain the arrival time picks of the P-wave in each waveform for each pressure.

One example experimental configuration file is included as config.json. This describes the experimental setup at 1MPa, and is identical to the config files at other pressures.

Finally, the umv2_rp_data.p is a Python pickle dictionary which contains values of important variables for this sample, calculated from the experimental data. These include fast and slow velocities, density, diameter, anisotropy at all pressures, etc.

All data viewing of data, plotting, and analysis was performed with the Python PlaceScan package, available at All experimental data was acquired with PLACE, the lab automation software (see



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