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ISSP2014: Citizenship II

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posted on 2019-08-02, 02:46 authored by Peter BoxallPeter Boxall, Louise HumpageLouise Humpage, Kate McMillan, Gerard CotterellGerard Cotterell, Martin von RandowMartin von Randow

The second International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) survey by COMPASS Research Centre at the University of Auckland, with funding support from its Business School, and also the New Zealand European Union Centres Network, via colleagues at UoA and also Victoria University of Wellington.

We were short on resources to run the survey in 2014, so this one was combined with the 2015 ISSP module on Work Orientations.

A verbose rundown on topics covered follows.

Qualities of a good citizen; social and political participation; group memberships; importance of different people’s rights in democracy (scale); estimation of political influence possibilities (political efficacy); likeliness of counter-action against an unjust law and expected chance of serious attention to people’s demand.

Interest in politics; following of political news; personal trust in the political system; political discussions with friends; level of honesty and fairness in the last national election; corruption in public service; voter participation; voting behaviour (recall); attitudes to changing New Zealand flag.

Qualities of being a New Zealander; ethnic vs. national identity; chances of leaving New Zealand in the next five years + reasons for this.

Sex; age; marital-status; education; current employment status; hours worked weekly; occupation; working for private or public sector or self-employed; if self-employed: number of employees; supervisor function; trade union membership; current employment status; earnings; family income; household size; religious denomination; attendance of religious services; size of community; type of community: urban-rural area; ethnicity.


Business School, the University of Auckland; New Zealand European Union Centres Network.



We took a random sample of 2,500 from the New Zealand Electoral Rolls.


People on the New Zealand Electoral Rolls, 18 years old or over.

Data Collector

COMPASS Research Centre, the University of Auckland.

Mode of Collection

Mail survey, with the option to complete via SurveyMonkey.


A weighting variable is provided, to make the respondent population representative.

Series Information

The ISSP is a continuing annual programme of cross-national collaboration on surveys.


University of Auckland

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Temporal coverage: end


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