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Hyperspectral Imaging Honey Database

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posted on 2020-04-22, 02:54 authored by Tessa PhillipsTessa Phillips, Ary NoviyantoAry Noviyanto, Waleed AbdullaWaleed Abdulla
This a spreadsheet of features extracted from hyperspectral images of New Zealand honey. The images of honey have been captured with a hyperspectral imager SOC-710 from Surface Optic. The hypercubes captured are between 400 - 1000nm in wavelength with a 5nm increment and have a 520 x 696 spatial resolution.
The system used to capture these images has been developed using rigorous testing and evaluation to create a standard for the hyperspectral imagery capture of honey.
The dataset comprises the features (128 spectral bands) of the hyperspectral images after a well-designed procedure for calibration, pre-processing and segmentation. This process produces a consistent dataset through all trials, and so it is comparable to the initial work on feature reduction and classification. There are six acquisitions of each honey sample; these are then captured by the hyperspectral imagery and calibrated, pre-processed and segmented to get the final spectral information.



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