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Hong Kong Drawings of Assessment

posted on 2017-10-27, 21:29 authored by Gavin T. L. BrownGavin T. L. Brown, Zhenlin Wang
This collection contains drawings created by Hong Kong University students concerning their perceptions of assessment. This work was done with Dr Zhenlin Wang with the assistance of Candy Tang. The work was funded by a Faculty Internal Research Grant. The work led directly to the publication of
Brown, G. T. L., & Wang, Z. (2013). Illustrating assessment: How Hong Kong university students conceive of the purposes of assessment. Studies in Higher Education, 38(7), 1037-1057. doi:10.1080/03075079.2011.616955

Earlier versions were presented at conferences:
Brown, G. T. L, & Wang, Z. (2011, February). HK University student conceptions of assessment: Similarities and differences to western higher education conceptions. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
Brown, G. T. L., & Wang, Z. (2011, September). A complex web of consequence, emotion, and agency: Hong Kong tertiary students’ drawings of assessment. Paper presented to the Symposium on Assessment and Learner Outcomes 2011. Wellington, New Zealand.

Our joint work on this led to a day-long workshop on visual data analysis:
Brown, G. T. L., & Wang, Z. (2011, May 21). Visual data analysis workshop: 1. Theory of visual data collection and analysis; 2. Analysis of Discourse: Categories & Relationships; & 3. From visual data to a survey questionnaire. Daylong workshop and presentation to graduate students in the Faculty of Education, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, PRC.


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