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Hadden Little penguin skull Amira Arcus jugalis

posted on 2022-02-17, 02:10 authored by Peter W. Hadden, William C. Ober, Dane A. Gerneke, Daniel B. Thomas, Miriam Scadeng, Charles N.J. McGhee, Jie Zhang
Part of collection that contains images obtained during dissection of the heads of little penguins (Eudyptula minor) from Auckland, king penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) and gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua), the latter two descended from penguins from South Georgia. It also contains a video of the eye of a little penguin from Auckland viewed under both bright (photopic) and dim (mesopic) conditions, while undergoing general anaesthesia, to show the movement of the pupil.



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