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HVN aMiGo Metadata Record - a2 Milk for gut comfort

posted on 2024-04-26, 04:13 authored by Matthew BarnettMatthew Barnett

This metadata record and it's attached files make statements about the kinds of data collected as part of this research, and set out policies for governance of that data, now and in the future.

Description: Dairy intolerance is often attributed to lactose intolerance but there may be individuals who exhibit an intolerance due to the A1 version of bovine beta-casein protein found in the dairy supply. The peptide sequence variation in the A2 version of beta-casein may alter the digestion but it is still unclear how these variants of the bovine beta-casein in milk are digested and metabolised in humans. This study aims to evaluate digestive, metabolic and immunological responses to milks with or without lactose and A1 beta–casein in self-reported dairy intolerant individuals.



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Individual participant data will be unavailable.

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AgResearch Ltd

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Principle Investigator Dr Matthew Barnett, AgResearch Ltd Associate Investigators Prof David Cameron-Smith (University of Auckland, AgResearch Ltd) Dr Amber Milan (University of Auckland, AgResearch Ltd) Dr Li Day (AgResearch Ltd) Dr Karl Fraser (AgResearch Ltd)

Data description

Outcomes of the Study and associated data Primary Outcomes: -Self-reported digestive symptoms pre and post drink ingestion Associated data: Visual Analog Scale (VAS) Questionnaire (comfort) Secondary Outcomes: -Live gastrointestinal symptom score (LGS), gastrointestinal symptoms and bowel movements post drink ingestion -Lactase production SNPs to determine lactase persistence genotype -Measurement of immune activation (Whole blood counts to evaluate changes in white blood cell populations baseline and post drink ingestion) -Difference in plasma glucose level baseline and post drink ingestion -Differences in plasma insulin concentrations baseline and post drink ingestion -Changes in urinary creatinine, galactose and metabolites baseline and post drink ingestion -Imaging of intestinal motility using MRI at baseline and post drink ingestion -Changes in inflammatory gene expression (including TNF-a, MCP-1, IL-1beta) in peripheral blood mononuclear cells fasting and post drink ingestion -Changes in plasma lipids baseline and post drink ingestion -Subjective well-being and mood -Differences in inflammatory circulating cytokines (including CRP, TNF-a, MCP-1) baseline and post drink ingestion -Differences in breath metabolites (Hydrogen) baseline and post drink ingestion Associated data: LGS, Bristol Stool Scale, waist circumference, lactase persistence genotyping from blood, whole blood counts, plasma glucose level, plasma insulin concentrations, urinary creatinine level, urinary galactose and metabolites, MRI data, RT-PCR data, plasma lipid concentrations, mood questionnaire, flow cytometric multiplex array data, hydrogen breath test data Other Outcomes and associated data: Adverse events

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