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HVN TUMMI Metadata Record - TuMMI Trial: Temperature treatment of Milk impacts on MRI digestion rates and nutrient delivery

posted on 2023-11-22, 01:20 authored by Amber M. Milan

This metadata record and it's attached files make statements about the kinds of data collected as part of this research, and set out policies for governance of that data, now and in the future.

The structure of ruminant milks is an important factor influencing their health and nutritional properties. Although food processing techniques change the structure of milks, not much is known about how these changes affect digestion, and the resulting health effects. This study aims to compare the digestive responses to two common heat treatments of milk, to better understand the influence of processing on digestion and nutrient delivery. To do this, acute responses to ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk will be compared to pasteurised (PAST) cow milk (500 mL each, separately) in women who habitually consume dairy. These will be compared in a randomised, cross-over, double blinded active control trial. Physiological measures will be used to non-invasively assess the digestive process, alongside biological responses, tracking nutrient appearance, and subjective measures of digestion. Hypothesis: That the different food structure of ultra high temperature treated milk will result in quicker gastric emptying than pasteruised milk, and that this will affect biological and physiological measures of digestion and nutrient delivery.


This study was co-funded by MBIE New Zealand Milks Mean More (NZ3M) programme and the High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge



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Data access requirements

Individual participant data (including data dictionaries) collected during the trial will be available after de-identification, along with the study protocol. Data will be available beginning 3 months following the first publication of study results and ending 36 months following publication. Data will be available to investigators who provide a methodologically sound proposal approved by the study Steering Committee, for use to achieve the aims in the approved proposal. Proposals should be directed to the principle investigator. To gain access, requests will need to sign a data access agreement. For use to achieve the aims in an approved proposal. Proposals should be directed to the principle investigator ( To gain access, requests will need to sign a data access agreement.

Principal investigator organisation

University of Auckland, AgResearch Ltd.

Collaborating researchers and affiliations

Principal Investigators: Dr Amber Milan, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland, and AgResearch Ltd. Prof Richard Mithen, Professor of Nutrition, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland Associate Investigators: Dr Matthew Barnett (AgResearch) Prof Warren McNabb (Riddet Institute) Prof Nicole Roy (Otago University) Dr Pankaja Sharma, (AgResearch) Dr Samson Nivens (University of Auckland) Dr Aahana Shrestha (University of Auckland) Dr Karl Fraser (AgResearch) Prof Greg O'Grady (University of Auckland) A/Prof Luca Macriani (University of Nottingham) Dr Caroline Hoad (University of Nottingham) Dr Hayfa Sharif (University of Nottingham) Dr Stefan Calder (University of Auckland) Dr Armen Gharibans (University of Auckland) Dr Daniel Bernstein (AgResearch) Dr Sarah Rosanowski (AgResearch) Schynell Coutinho (University of Auckland)

Data description

Outcomes of the Study and associated data Primary Outcome: To measure gastric emptying T1/2 after both UHT and PAST bovine milk ingestion, and compare responses between interventions. Associated data: MRI Secondary outcomes: -To demonstrate a difference in gastric emptying T1/2 between UHT and PAST -To investigate the difference in gastric emptying parameters between UHT and PAST, including TMAX, AUC, and CMAX -To investigate the differences in nutrient appearance and metabolic changes between UHT and PAST milk after ingestion -To investigate the differences in metabolic response to ingestion between UHT and PAST -To investigate the physiological differences in response to UHT and PAST ingestion -To investigate the differences in subjective metabolic and digestive responses between UHT and PAST -The investigate the relationship between variables in response to UHT and/or PAST ingestion Associated data: MRI, Plasma amino acid profile, Clinical biomarkers (total triglyceride (TAG), glucose, and insulin levels), Plasma B vitamins level, Body Surface Gastric Mapping (BGSM) measurement, Plethysmography readings (Sensor Stretch), Appetite and Symptom Questionnaires - Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), Hedonic Liking and Identity Questionnaire - Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)

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