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HVN Kiwi, Fruity and Friendly 3 Metadata Record - Metabolic effects of kiwifruit in people with prediabetes

posted on 2024-01-17, 03:57 authored by John Monro

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Description: This trial focused on participants who were of mixed race but who were all pre-diabetic and therefore had a high risk of developing diabetes. As before, the aim was to determine whether or not increased intakes of fructose due to consumption of two kiwifruit per day over a long period could cause harmful metabolic changes in individuals judged by medical criteria as being at high risk of ‘metabolic syndrome’.

The third trial ran for three months – enough time for glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) concentrations in the blood to register increased exposure to glycaemia during the trial period. Several clinical biomarkers were measured, as well as plasma Vitamin C. There were no differences between the kiwifruit and control (water) groups in weight gain, blood lipids, HbA1c and other clinical measures, while plasma Vitamin C increased in the kiwifruit group.

The results showed that kiwifruit, although containing fruit sugars, may be consumed as an excellent source of Vitamin C, by people at risk of diabetes, without unwanted metabolic side effects.



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HVN Project / Programme Name

HVN Kiwi, Fruity and Friendly

Data access requirements

No individual participant data will be available for this trial. Only average values from all participants will be used in the publication.

Principal investigator organisation

New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research

Collaborating researchers and affiliations

Principal Investigator Dr John Monro, Principal Scientist, New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research, Palmeston North Investigators - Dr Suman Mishra (Plant and Food Research), - Dr Kerry Bentley-Hewitt (Plant and Food Research)

Data description

Outcomes of the Study and associated data Primary outcome -Glycolsylated haemoglobin level in blood (HbA1c) -Plasma vitamin C concentration Associated data: HbA1c, vitamin C Secondary outcomes -Serum lipid profile: HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and total lipids -Plasma insulin -Plasma glucose -Plasma uric acid -Plasma total antioxidant capacity (Superoxide dismutase, LDH activity) -Biomarkers of inflamnation: C-reactive protein, IL-6, TNF-α Associated data: HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, total lipids, insulin, glucose, uric acid, antioxidant capacity, biomarkers of inflammation Other outcomes -Height, Weight -Waist circumference, Hip circumference -Blood pressure -7-day diet record -Self-reported tolerance to intervention Associated data: height, weight, waist circumference, hip circumference, blood pressure, 7-day diet record, tolerance to intervention

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