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HVN Kiwi, Fruity and Friendly 1 Metadata Record - Effect of a preload on postprandial glycaemic response and satiety

posted on 2024-01-17, 01:11 authored by John Monro, Bernard Venn

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Description: It is important to control the glycaemic and hormonal response to food both for people with normal and impaired glucose tolerance. The purpose of this project was to investigate whether glycaemic and hormonal responses to carbohydrate-containing food can be manipulated by providing meals in two stages (a preload given half an hour before the main meal) compared with meals containing the same amount of carbohydrate given in a single sitting. Our hypothesis was that a beneficial effect of lowering the glycaemic response without adversely affecting the insulin or satiety hormone responses would be observed when a preload containing carbohydrate was given before either breakfast or lunch.

Healthy New Zealand Chinese participants consumed kiwifruit as part of a carbohydrate meal, in which the kiwifruit carbohydrate partially substituted the primary meal carbohydrate. Total carbohydrate in the meal was held constant yet the kiwifruit was able to significantly reduce the blood glucose response. And if the kiwifruit was consumed about 30 min before the main carbohydrate intake, there was a dramatic reduction in the post-meal blood glucose spike.



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HVN Kiwi, Fruity and Friendly

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No information has been provided regarding individual participant data availability.

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University of Otago

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Principal Investigators - Dr Bernard Venn, Department of Human Nutrition, University of Otago, Dunedin - Dr John Monro, New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd, Palmerston North Investigators - Dr Suman Mishra (Plant and Food Research) - Dr Kerry Bentley-Hewitt (Plant and Food Research) - Jillian Haszard (University of Otago)

Data description

Outcomes of the Study and associated data Primary outcomes -Blood glucose concentration -Satiety assessed using a visual analogue scale -Blood vitamin C concentration Associated data: blood glucose, satiety, blood vitamin C Secondary outcomes -Blood insulin concentration -Blood ghrelin concentration -Blood glucagon concentration -Blood glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) concentration -Blood interleukin-6 (IL-6) concentration -Food intake diary Associated data: insulin, ghrelin, glucagon, GLP-1, IL-6, food intake diary

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