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HVN Adipose Tissue Metadata Record - Analysis of innate like T cells in peripheral blood and adipose tissue of healthy men and women

posted on 2024-04-11, 02:02 authored by Olivier GasserOlivier Gasser

This metadata record and it's attached files make statements about the kinds of data collected as part of this research, and set out policies for governance of that data, now and in the future.

Description: The objective of this observational study is to provide data on the variability (frequency and function) of innate-like T cells between different adipose tissue deposits and peripheral blood. These data will inform whether peripheral blood can be used as a surrogate for adipose tissue in future studies, particularly intervention studies with the hypothesis that innate-like T cells can be targeted therapeutically to improve weight and metabolic outcomes.



University of Auckland

Temporal coverage: start


HVN Project / Programme Name

HVN Adipose Tissue

Data access requirements

Data will be made available upon publication.

Principal investigator organisation

Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

Collaborating researchers and affiliations

Principal Investigator: Dr. Olivier Gasser, Translational Immunology Group Leader, Malaghan Institute of Medical Research Wellington, New Zealand

Data description

Outcomes of the study and associated data Primary Outcome The difference in innate like T cell frequency and function peripheral blood and adipose tissue. Associated data: - Frequency: percentage of innate-like T cell subsets out of the total number of T cells in perpheral blood and adipose tissue samples. - Function: percentage of functional iNKT's, MAIT and Vg9Vd2 (proliferation assay), percentage of cytokine producing innate-like T cells (ELISPOT and BIOPLEX) out of the total number of innate-like T cells in peripheral blood and adipose tissue. Other associated data: demographic and clinical information extracted from electronic clinical records.

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