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HVN1905 Metadata Record - Mussel with fucoidan as supplemented superfood - product development and clinical benefits

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posted on 2023-12-13, 03:04 authored by Jun LuJun Lu

This metadata record and it's attached files make statements about the kinds of data collected as part of this research, and set out policies for governance of that data, now and in the future.

Description: Project developing a greenshell mussel-fucoidan food product and conducting a clinical study on a Chinese population living in New Zealand to examine anti-inflammatory properties, immune effects, and glycaemic control.



University of Auckland

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Individual participant data will not be available.

Principal investigator organisation

University of Auckland

Collaborating researchers and affiliations

Principal Investigator: Professor Jun Lu, Auckland Bioengineering Institute, University of Auckland, Auckland Co-Investigators: Professor Rinki Murphy (University of Auckland) Professor Nada Signal (Auckland University of Technology) Dr Daniel O'Brien (Auckland University of Technology) Dr Yannan Jiang (University of Auckland) Professor Weibiao Zhou (National University of Singapore)

Data description

Outcomes of the Study and associated data Primary outcomes - Change in insulin resistance, defined by the homeostasis model of assessment (HOMA) values - Patient reported joint pain, measured by the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis (WOMAC) Index pain subscale – B (WOMAC-B) Associated data: HOMA insulin resistance, WOMAC-B Secondary outcomes - Anthropometry measured by stadiometer, digital scale, pelvimeter and callipers - Glucoregulatory markers (glucose, insulin, HbA1c), measured from blood serum samples - Lipids - Blood pressure - Inflammatory markers (C-reactive protein, tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF–a), interleukin (IL)-6, IL-2, IL-8, IL-1beta, IL-10 and IL-4) measured from blood serum samples. - Pain on Visual Analogue Scale (VAS, 0=no pain, 10=worst imaginable pain) - Satiety on VAS (0=extremely hungry, 10=extremely full) - Analgesic medication use ( participant self-report diary) Associated data: Anthropometric measurements, blood serum glucose, insulin, HbA1c, blood lipids, blood pressure, blood serum C-reactive protein, TNF-α, IL-6, IL-2, IL8, IL-1beta, IL-10, IL-4, pain on Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), satiety on VAS, self-reported analgesic medication use.

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