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Go with the flow: Population connectivity of the NZ scampi – raw data.

posted on 30.04.2021, 12:29 by Aimee van der Reis, Andrew Jeffs, Craig Norrie, Shane Lavery, Emma Carroll
This is the raw GBS and particle modelling data that has been used in the article "Go with the flow: Population connectivity of the New Zealand deep sea lobster, Metanephrops challengeri".

'GBS_data.zip' are the raw sequencing files for each scampi individual used for the population genetics section of this study.

'NETCDF_data.zip' are the raw NETCDF files used for the hydrodynamic particle modelling section of this study.

'Haplotypic_data.vcf' is the Stacks de novo output file from the raw data (GBS_data.zip).


This funded study was part of Ka Hao te Rangatahi: Revolutionary Potting Technologies and Aquaculture for Scampi (CAWX1316) funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, and led by Shaun Ogilvie.



University of Auckland