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Diamondback Terrapin rDNA unit sizes

posted on 2021-04-27, 08:14 authored by Emma MacdonaldEmma Macdonald
Analysed_contigs file contains PacBio contigs from a whole genome assembly of the Diamondback terrapin(PRJNA339452) in FASTA format used to determine rDNA unit size for the Diamondback terrapin.

Con_reads files contain raw nanopore reads individual rDNA unit sequences were extracted from to generate the consensus sequence in FASTA format.

Con_indiv_units files contain individual rDNA unit sequences extracted from PacBio contigs used to generate the consensus sequence in FASTA format.

Consensus_alignment files contains the alignement output in .geneious format.

Annotated_Consensus files contains the two annotated consensus sequences in .geneious format.

align_Diamondback_terrapin_con_with_ref file contains the rDNA consensus sequence aligned to a reference sequence (Genbank accession X02995).

Average rDNA unit size was generated using the included excel spreadsheet.



University of Auckland

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