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Data associated with paper " Revealing the palaeoecology of silent taxa: selecting a proxy species using modern data".

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posted on 2023-09-20, 00:34 authored by Jacqui VanderhoornJacqui Vanderhoorn, Janet Wilmshurst, Sarah Richardson, Thomas Etherington, George PerryGeorge Perry

species-by-site-matrix-for-cooccurrence-analysis.csv contains the presence-absence forest metacommunity matrix used in the co-occurrence analysis. It has 90 native tree species (including B. tawa) at 1741 sites, and includes the environmental conditions at those sites.

species-obs-for-niche-modelling.csv contains the presence-only species observations used to build the niche models, along with the environmental conditions and unique climate bin at those locations.

Site locations has been removed due to liscensing conditions of the NVS data, and all NVS site identifiers have been anonynimised. Note that the site-by-species matrix requires transposing to run with the R scripts associated with this paper, and other datasets (e.g., climate raster layers) may be required for some parts of the scripts to run.


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