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Comparison of small molecule inhibitors of poly(ADP)ribose polymerase-1 and DNA-dependent protein kinase as radiosensitizers of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cell lines

posted on 2019-07-05, 00:31 authored by Tet Woo LeeTet Woo Lee, Way WongWay Wong, Benjamin DicksonBenjamin Dickson, Barbara LipertBarbara Lipert, Francis HunterFrancis Hunter, Michael HayMichael Hay, William WilsonWilliam Wilson
lee_et_al_radiosensitizer_regrowth_data.tsv: Two PARP1 inhibitors (olaparib, veliparib) and two DNA-PK inhibitors (KU57788, IC87361) were tested in 14 HNSCC cell lines, as well as HEK-293 and WI-38/Va-13 cell lines, with drug exposure for 6 or 24 h post-irradiation, using regrowth assays. Full data set including regrowth fractions, total enhancement ratios and sensitizer enhancement ratios, for each cell line, inhibitor concentration, and experiment are in this file. Contains R code and required intermediate data for performing analysis of SLFN11 expression in TCGA HNSC cohort.



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