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Commodity Category Assignments - Appendix B2 of PhD Thesis - Tracing marine biosecurity risks using multi-region input-output analysis

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posted on 2022-11-09, 05:29 authored by Mimi TzengMimi Tzeng

The United Nations Statistics Division collects international trade data for 6,357 commodities. The commodities list is arranged in order by tangible products of primary industries (agriculture, fisheries, mining, forestry, etc.), tangible products of secondary industries (beginning with primary form metals and non-metals, basic chemicals, etc. and ending with processed foods, fabricated goods, etc.), and the products of tertiary industries which are mostly services and location-based assets (land, buildings, etc.) Each item in the commodities list was assigned to one of 39 commodity categories, based on type of commodity and types of cargo vessels that are typically used to transport them. 



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