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Clonal dynamics limits detection of selection in tumour xenograft CRISPR/Cas9 screens

posted on 2023-09-05, 04:15 authored by Tet Woo LeeTet Woo Lee, Francis HunterFrancis Hunter, Peter TsaiPeter Tsai, Cristin PrintCristin Print, William WilsonWilliam Wilson, Stephen JamiesonStephen Jamieson

These repository contains data and analysis code for the manuscript of the same name. This version has been updated for the accepted version of the paper. Details of individual files:

  • Lee_et_al__sample_details.tsv - details of samples present in counts file below; updated for accepted version of the paper
  • Lee_et_al__counts.tsv - gRNA counts from both pilot and larger screens described in paper
  • Lee_et_al__normalisation_factors.tsv - normalisation factors used in analysis of the above counts
  • - contains code and other files associated with the analyses of the above data; figures in the paper can be reproduced from these files; v2 is updated for the accepted version of the paper

Note: This repository does not contain the data or code for the simulation studies described in the paper, which is available upon reasonable request to the authors.



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