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Chapter 5 Supplementary tables

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posted on 2022-01-31, 22:55 authored by Sophie FarrowSophie Farrow
This repository contains the supplementary tables for chapter 5: Mapping enhancer activity for loci marked by Parkinson’s disease variants using a Massively Parallel Reporter Assay

Supplementary table 5.1: MPRA variants that have already been tested in previous MPRA studies

Supplementary table 5.2: Additional GWAS SNPs included in the assay, an extension from table 5.1

Supplementary table 5.3: All candidate regulatory elements included in the synthesised library (Agilent technologies)

Supplementary table 5.4: Sequencing results of the inert library to determine the barcode/oligo pairings

Supplementary table 5.5: Deepsea Expecto variant prediction results for PD-associated SNPs included in the MPRA. Described fully in section



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