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Vulnerable Resilient and Climate Justice Communities: A policy and satisfaction evaluation of post-disaster temporary housing

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conference contribution
posted on 2021-02-02, 04:02 authored by Sung Lun Tsai, Chiho Ochiai, Chuan Zhong Deng, Min Hui Tseng

This item is part of: Boarin, P., Haarhoff, E., Manfredini, M., Mohammadzadeh, M., Premier, A., (2021). Rethinking Sustainable Pacific Rim Territories. Proceedings of the 2020 APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Hub PhD Symposium, Future Cities Research Hub, School of Architecture and Planning of the University of Auckland. ISBN: 978-0-473-53616-9


Given the rise of natural disasters, post-disaster reconstruction plays an essential role in forming resilient communities. However, among the multiple post-disaster reconstruction processes, temporary housing had been ignored by most post-disaster reconstruction practitioners. The 2009 Typhoon Morakot post-disaster management process was no exception. Therefore, this study uses literature research, interviews, and a time-series questionnaire to understand the temporary housing policy, stakeholders' opinions associated with the post-disaster management process, and the temporary shelter and housing living satisfaction trends. Two typhoon-affected indigenous communities located in southern Taiwan were selected as case studies owing to similarities in their social structure and conditions. Findings from this research shows that past experience and collaborating NGO might be the principal factors that influence the decision making on temporary housing policy. Moreover, an ideal environment and location for temporary housing are essential for living satisfaction. Finally, this research suggests an ideal pre-established policy, community-centered considerations, and spatial design are crucial for the future of temporary shelter and housing programs.



Future Cities Research Hub, School of Architecture and Planning of the University of Auckland