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Navigating flipped learning: insights from a graduate-level algebraic geometry course

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posted on 2024-07-03, 22:12 authored by Sang Hyun KimSang Hyun Kim, Tanya EvansTanya Evans, Ofer MarmurOfer Marmur

Kim, S.H., Evans, T. & Marmur, O. (2024). Navigating flipped learning: insights from a graduate-level algebraic geometry course. In T. Evans, O. Marmur, J. Hunter, G. Leach & J. Jhagroo (Eds.). Proceedings of the 47th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (Vol. 3, 129-136). Auckland, New Zealand: PME. ISBN: 978-1-0670278-3

Abstract: This study explores the integration of flipped learning into a graduate-level algebraic geometry course, addressing gaps in understanding its implementation at this educational level. Through an exploratory case study, students' experiences were examined, and thematic analysis revealed that students had nuanced perceptions of this integration with four major themes arising: Preparation and Workload, Content Interaction, Social Interaction, and Resources. While students appreciated collaborative aspects and the emphasis on problem-solving, challenges emerged, including an increased workload and a strong preference for explicit forms of instruction. This research underscores the need for further exploration to refine flipped learning practices and gain a comprehensive understanding of its implications on student experiences in graduate mathematics education.



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