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Accuracy of Pléiades Photogrammetric Products Under Direct and Controlled Georeferencing. GeoComputation 2019

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conference contribution
posted on 2019-12-01, 22:43 authored by Clare Lewis, Pascal Sirguey, Simon Cox
Space-based photogrammetry has benefitted from significant advancements recently, with progress in software, analytical techniques, and a surge in image availability. However, no photogrammetric products can be considered perfect. Estimates of error from photogrammetric modelling are thus important to characterise when faced with the various processing workflows available. This study quantifies and compares errors in photogrammetric products from very high-resolution Pléiades sensors when processed with or without ground control points (GCPs). Furthermore, the availability of an image triplet allowed bi-stereo and tri-stereo restitution scenarios to be compared for each case.



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