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A spatial simulation model to explore the potential impact of gene drives as a control on invasive wasps. GeoComputation 2019

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conference contribution
posted on 2019-12-01, 23:19 authored by David O'Sullivan, George PerryGeorge Perry, Phil Lester
We present a simple simulation model of the potential effects of a possible gene drive control on invasive wasps in the upper South Island of Aotearoa New Zealand. The aim of the model is to explore the potential spatial dynamics of such a control, in particular, interactions between the distribution of available favourable habitat for wasps, and estimates of their spatial dispersal characteristics. Preliminary results suggest that even in the absence of an evolutionary response from targetted wasps eradication is unlikely, and that the main determinant of long term abun-
dance of genetically modi ed strains in the wild population are overall population growth rates. However, the spatial characteristics of wasp behaviour may have important implications for local eradications and their consequent impact on native wildlife populations.



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