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Assessment Tools for Teaching and Learning v4 Manual

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This is the full manual of the New Zealand standardised test system developed between 2000 and 2004 by a project team at the University of Auckland led by Prof. John Hattie. Gavin Brown was the senior project manager and Peter Keegan was the manager for Maori language developments. The tests cover NZ Curriculum Levels 2 to 6 and have norms for grades 5 to 12 inclusive. The test content includes reading, writing, and mathematics in both English and te reo Maori (for use in Maori medium immersion schooling).

This book is no longer available online from the NZ Ministry of Education and is disseminated here so that reference can be made to the psychometric information supporting the use of asTTle test scores.

the correct citation is.
Hattie, J.A.C., Brown, G.T.L., Keegan, P.J., MacKay, A.J., Irving, S.E., Patel, P., Sussex, K., McCall, S., Sutherland, T., Yu, J., Cutforth, S., Mooyman, D., Leeson, H.V., & Campbell, A.R.T. (2004). Assessment Tools for Teaching and Learning (asTTle) Version 4, 2005: Manual. Wellington, NZ: University of Auckland/ Ministry of Education/Learning Media.

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