Spanish (Spain) TCoA-IIIA

2017-07-19T03:16:44Z (GMT) by Gavin Brown Ana Remesal
<p>This translation was created by Ana Remesal, PhD., Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology, University of Barcelona, Spain. </p> <p>This translation has been done with special care to avoid technical jargon, so as to be responded by teacher-students. The language follows the Peninsular-Spanish standards.</p> <p> Email:</p> <p><b>Recommended citation for this version.</b></p> <p>Remesal, A. (2009). <i>Cuestionario Abreviado de Concepciones de Evaluación del Aprendizaje</i>. Unpublished translation of Teachers' Conceptions of Assessment inventory (CoA-IIIA), Universidad de Barcelona, Spain.</p><p><b>This version was used in the following publication:</b></p><p> </p><p>Brown, G. T. L., & Remesal, A. (2012). Prospective teachers’ conceptions of assessment: A cross-cultural comparison. <i>The Spanish Journal of Psychology, 15</i>(1), 75-89. doi: 10.5209/rev_SJOP.2012.v15.n1.37286</p>