Poi and Tai Chi research: physical data

2018-03-08T04:04:09Z (GMT) by Kate Riegle-Van West
<div>Physical data from the poi and Tai Chi study. </div><div><br></div><div><b>Measures</b></div>systolic blood pressure (SYSTOLIC)<div>diastolic blood pressure (DIASTOLIC)</div><div>heart rate (HR)</div><div>functional reach (FR)</div><div>four stage balance test (FOURSTGBLNCE)</div><div>sit to stand test (SITSTAND)</div><div>9 hole peg (PEG)</div><div>hand grip (HGRIP)</div><div>pinch grip (PGRIP)</div><div>shoulder range of motion (SHLDR)</div><div>elbow range of motion (ELBOW)</div><div>wrist range of motion (WRIST)</div><div>critical frequency for bimanual coordination circle tracing (CRITFREQ)</div><div><br></div><div><b>Time points</b></div><div>1 = one month before intervention</div><div>2 = immediately before intervention</div><div>3 = immediately after one month intervention</div><div>4 = immediately after two month intervention</div><div>5 = one month post intervention</div>