NZES1990: New Zealand Election Survey

2016-10-19T20:24:21Z (GMT) by Jack Vowles Peter Aimer

This post-election survey focused on voting trends and decision making in the 1990 New Zealand general election. Respondents were questioned on: the importance to them of various issues such as inflation, unemployment, economic growth, defence, health, social welfare, law and order, education; which party was most likely, as a government, to address these issues; opinions on existing policies, leaders of major parties and speed and direction of government actions; trends in respondent's financial status; party identification of respondent and parents; voting in the 1984 and 1987 elections; reasons for and timing of voting decisions.

Background variables include sex, age, country of birth, place of residence, racial, religious and class identity, personal income, marital status, level of education, employment status and supervisory responsibilities of respondent and partner, number of dependent children, and household income.

The first mailout was despatched on election day, 27th October. A reminder postcard was sent to non-respondents 5th November, followed by a second questionnaire to non-respondents 19th November and a third copy by registered mail to remaining nonrespondents whose telephone number could not be identified, 7th December. A supplementary telephone survey was undertaken to raise the response rate and reduce the possibility of bias from reliance on a self-completion questionnaire. The interview lasted about 20 minutes and consisted of a simplified and shorter version of the mailed-out questionnaire.