Mesopotamian tablet YBC 7289

2018-04-20T02:59:58Z (GMT) by Alistair Kwan
A tablet thought to be from southern Mesopotamia, 1800 - 1600 BC. The obverse shows calculation of a square's diagonal, by multiplying the side length by the square root of 2. The reverse is not so easily legible, but seems to treat two separate problems.

This tablet is in the Yale Babylonian Collection, catalogue number YBC 7289.

Illustration and animations rendered in Blender by Alistair M. Kwan (University of Auckland) from a scan by Chelsea Alene Graham (Yale University Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Digitization Lab) using an Artec Spider scanner.

The animations show the tablet being rotated under static illumination, and the tablet while a light source revolves around a point in front of it.