Measurements of ex vivo human corneal endothelium using Voronoi segmentation.

2017-12-14T01:16:30Z (GMT) by Nigel H. Brookes
This dataset of size and shape measurements of 354,998 human corneal endothelial cells, from 2000 routine assessment images, from a sequential series of 678 corneas from 351 donors, was collected with consent by the New Zealand National Eye Bank over several years, after organ-culture storage but prior to release for transplantation. The measurement methodology using Voronoi segmentation is detailed in:<div><br></div><div>Brookes NH. Morphometry of organ-cultured corneal endothelium using Voronoi segmentation. Cell Tiss Bank. 2017; 18: 167-183. PMID: 28374155.</div><div><br></div><div><div>Dataset structure:</div><div><br></div><div>1. Dataset ID</div><div>2. Image Number</div><div>3. Image - Mean Cell Area (µm^2)</div><div>4. Image - Standard Error of the Mean (SEM) Cell Area (µm^2)</div><div>5. Image - Total Cell Area (µm^2)</div><div>6. Image - Cell Area Coefficient of Variation (CV)</div><div>7. Image - Mean Cell Density (cells/mm^2)</div><div>8. Image - SEM Cell Density (cells/mm^2)</div><div>9. Image - 4-Sides Cell Count</div><div>10. Image - 5-Sides Cell Count</div><div>11. Image - 6-Sides Cell Count</div><div>12. Image - 7-Sides Cell Count</div><div>13. Image - 8-Sides Cell Count</div><div>14. Image - 9-Sides Cell Count</div><div>15. Image - 4-Sides Cell Area (µm^2)</div><div>16. Image - 5-Sides Cell Area (µm^2)</div><div>17. Image - 6-Sides Cell Area (µm^2)</div><div>18. Image - 7-Sides Cell Area (µm^2)</div><div>19. Image - 8-Sides Cell Area (µm^2)</div><div>20. Image - 9-Sides Cell Area (µm^2)</div><div>21. Image - 4-Sides % Area</div><div>22. Image - 5-Sides % Area</div><div>23. Image - 6-Sides % Area</div><div>24. Image - 7-Sides % Area</div><div>25. Image - 8-Sides % Area</div><div>26. Image - 9-Sides % Area</div><div>27. Image - Total Cells</div><div>28. Image - Mean Hexagonal Cell Regularity</div><div>29. Image - SEM Hexagonal Cell Regularity</div><div>30. Image - Number of Pleomorphs</div><div>31. Image - Mean Cell Sides</div><div>32. Image - SEM Cell Sides</div><div>33. Image - Cell Sides CV</div><div>34. Image - Mean Shape Index</div><div>35. Image - SEM Shape Index</div><div>36. Cell Number</div><div>37. Cell - Cell Area (µm^2)</div><div>38. Cell - Number of Sides</div><div>39. Cell - Hexagonal Cell Regularity</div><div>40. Cell - Shape Index</div></div><div><br></div>