L44 mouse bodyweight, blood glucose and serum hormone data

Blood glucose, body weight and serum hormone characterisation of the L44 mouse, a model of obesity and type 2 diabetes, over 400 days.

L44 mice overexpress a nonamyloidogenic and noncytotoxic variant of human amylin that contains three proline substitutions at residues 25, 28 and 29 ([25, 28, 29triprolyl]human amylin or tripro-hA). This allows for the study of the chronic effects of amylin overexpression.

L44 mice were studied for a period of 400 days, with weekly blood glucose and body weight measurements. Three genotypes were examined; hemizygous (HEM), homozygous (HOM) and nontransgenic littermates (NON). Tissue and serum sample collection occurred at three time points:

T1: 100 days

T2: diabetes onset (3 consecutive weekly measurements of blood glucose > 11 mM)

T3: 400 days

Here, we provide weekly blood glucose and body weight measurements, and the circulating serum hormone levels of amylin, insulin and leptin at each time point.


BG = blood glucose (mM)

BW = body weight (g)

Sample IDs with a / are pooled serum samples from two individuals, e.g., T1 HEM 1/2 is a pooled sample with an equal volume of serum from T1 HEM 1 and T1 HEM 2.