Every 4 minutes: A discussion paper on preventing family violence in New Zealand

2018-12-11T05:13:20Z (GMT) by Ian Lambie Juliet Gerrard
This is a discussion paper on what New<br>Zealand can do to prevent family violence. It<br>takes the position that family violence is a<br>solvable problem. Family violence can be<br>seen as largely a “symptom” of underlying<br>social and psychological issues, that are<br>indeed multiple and complex, but are<br>associated with many of the drivers of other<br>social concerns. In the end, there is a lot to be<br>gained for New Zealand by the unleashing of<br>the social and economic wellbeing of<br>children, families, communities, businesses,<br>and services that would follow the reduction<br>or elimination of emotional, physical, sexual,<br>and psychological violence that tangle and<br>restrain our homes and our relationships.<br>