Bahasa Indonesia (TCoA-IIIA)

2017-07-19T03:17:14Z (GMT) by Gavin Brown
<p>This is an Indonesian translation of the TCoA-IIIA inventory by Tatang Suratno, Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institute, Jakarta, ©2007, email:<br></p><p><b>Version History</b></p><p>Initial translation by Tatang Suratno February 2007</p><p>Pilot study in Indonesia March 2007</p><p>Back translation into English by John Flinn, Rangitoto College, Auckland, New Zealand, April, 2007</p><p>Version 1 posted April 2007</p><p>Further piloting and integration of feedback from source author April 2007</p><p> </p><p>Version 2 posted April 28, 2007</p>